Best of August – the month of twos

august 2013

Wow, where did the summer holiday go? It’s already September, which means a few weeks of summer left before the leaves turn and fall, and midterm exams come along, and before we know it it’ll be time to carve pumpkins. August was a great and crazy month with lots of ups and downs, and a bunch of my favourite posts yet! It seems like I did a lot of pairs this month – two photoshoots, two concerts, two sponsored posts – so August’s theme is the month of twos!

My two major photoshoots in August were my Gemy gown at sunrise and my vintage velvet bathing suit shoot with a 1964 Corvette Sting Ray. I love concept shoots like these because it’s so fun to transform into a character with full hair and makeup. I do all my own styling, so it’s an added bonus that I get to practice my technical beauty skills!

I went to two concerts this August: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and Wiz Khalifa’s Under the Influence of Music Tour where I held hands with B.o.B, my favourite rapper! Yes, I’m still all giddy about it.

The last pair was my two sponsored posts – my Von Vonni giveaway (which I’ll announce the winner of tomorrow!!) and my five minute last-all-night makeup look with BA Star! The promo code for Trendy Techie readers is still active until the end of this month: use the code BBDUST at checkout for 50% off!

Finally, the post that was most dear to my heart out of all the posts I’ve done, was when I showed you my Nonna’s Secret Garden. It’s so beautiful, and she’s so beautiful. I love you Nonna! <3

And I love all you techies. Thank you for reading my blog and following me on this journey of mine. Today I am moving into my first apartment with my boyfriend, so we have a lot of unpacking and decorating to do to make this place ours! Wish us luck!

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