Christmas in Redmond Town Center

I wrote this post on Tuesday, December 16th, the evening I arrived in Redmond, Washington. I had it saved as a draft to be edited, but here it is, raw. :)

I have had the most amazing day. This is my fourth time in Washington state, and the region has always had a certain magical sparkle about it for me, but this time it’s so magical it feels like Disney World (which, to me, is the highest praise of happiness and light).

I left home at 4:30 EST this morning and breezed through the airport with no hassle. My first flight, YYZ->YVR, was on Air Canada’s Dreamliner (Boeing’s 787 plane), which is basically the Rolls Royce of airplanes, even in the economy cabin. This was the third time I’ve flown on a Dreamliner, the first of which was on the inaugural customer-carrying flight of Air Canada’s first 787. It blows all other flying experiences out of the water with its comfort, spaciousness, and fantastic entertainment system. I could write about the Dreamliner for days, but you can just check out my coverage of the Dreamliner experience here!

After the Dreamliner flight I had a short stopover in Vancouver during which I caught up on the inevitable flood of emails in my work inbox, and then took a short express flight to Seattle. It was by far the easiest international connection I’ve experienced to date. Maybe that’s why Vancouver International has been voted best North American airport five years in a row!

WP_20141216_006 WP_20141216_09_22_45_Pro WP_20141216_07_47_32_ProOnce I arrived at my hotel in Redmond Town Center, I settled in and worked on my projects for a bit before heading out to explore the area before dinner. RTC is a beautiful two-level outdoor shopping mall and community center with restaurants, shops, spas and hotels. It’s a beautifully kept place to begin with, but right now it has been transformed into a winter wonderland with all the Christmas decorations. A giant tree, an elaborate carousel, and a choir of children dressed as elves made me feel like I had stepped onto the set of the next big Christmas movie. It was amazing!


Maybe it’s the Christmas festivities, or maybe it’s the contrast to my daily life back home – this is the first night in ages that I’ve had my headspace all to myself and been able to let my thoughts wander without a leash. What a good feeling.


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