Getting Cozy with Clutch PR

It’s not every day you get a secret passcode for a holiday party, but the morning of Clutch PR‘s highly anticipated #GetCozy2014 party, invited guests received an email with detailed instructions of how to get into the swanky second-floor loft belonging to Gem Hunter Ron LeBlanc. Hidden behind a discreet door with a keypad is a surprisingly spacious and exquisitely decorated lounge, transformed by the party decorators into a cozy winter wonderland. With pumping music, free-flowing cider and a s’mores station, the scene was set for a party of epic proportions. There was only one rule: come dressed in flannel, ready to get “lumberjacked!”

get_cozy_2014_clutch_pr_holiday_party_5get_cozy_2014_clutch_pr_holiday_party_1 get_cozy_2014_holiday_party_4 get_cozy_2014_holiday_party_windows_phones

Who says technology makes people lose their social skills? My new friend Samantha and I bonded instantly when we discovered our mutual love of Windows Phones.

get_cozy_2014_holiday_party_3get_cozy_2014_clutch_pr_holiday_party_2 There’s something so great about a flannel party. Everyone is comfortable and you can romp around in your hot pink pajamas and furry mukluks late into the night while the DJ mixes away. And yesterday I found out I won the “coziest outfit” contest! I had a fantastic time with the gals and guys of Clutch PR’s awesome holiday party, what a great way to kick off the Christmas celebrations.

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