How to Wear a Fitbit With Any Outfit Part 2: Bytten

A few months ago I wrote a post called “How to Wear a Fitbit With Any Outfit,” featuring fabric Fitbit covers by a Canadian company, Design.UX. I have since renamed that post to be part one in a series, because I discovered another company with a different take on dressing up Fitbit Flexes (and Jawbone UPs too): Bytten!

bytten_fitbit_brass_slide_1Bytten presents a whole new way to decorate your fitband and make fitness fashionable. Their 3D-printed slides, which come in silver, brass, and ten shades of plastic, slide easily onto the fitband and instantly change the look and feel of it entirely. Where Design.UX disguised the fitband as a bangle, Bytten adds geometry, colour and structure to the otherwise bland fitband and turns it into a piece of jewelry. Here’s how I styled my Fitbit Flex with four of the slides from the lucas collection, designed by Lucas Goossens: brass, pink, white, and orange.

bytten_fitbit_brass_slide_before bytten_fitbit_brass_slide_after


bytten_fitbit_pink_before bytten_fitbit_pink_after

bytten_fitbit_white_slide_before bytten_fitbit_white_slide_after


Bytten will be one of the fashion startups showcasing at the first ever Startup Fashion Week in Toronto next week. Be sure to grab your tickets now for exclusive access to runways, parties and more.


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