Startup Spotlight: Heddoko, the Personal Trainer Undergarment

Heddoko, the first product from Montreal startup of the same name, is a smart compression undergarment that tracks your movement and visualizes your body in 3D in order to provide you with live training feedback and guide you towards optimal physical performance. It’s basically the personal trainer you always wanted, but could never commit to.

Sensors in the smart garments connect to instantly model your form and provide you with feedback that allows you to see, in 3D, exactly how you need to adjust in order to perform better and avoid injury. How exactly is this data conveyed? Like most of today’s wearables, Heddoko garments connect to the most important device in your life – your smartphone – and presents realtime data to the user through an app. The app also allows you to track your progress over time, share your performance with friends, and challenge and learn from the Heddoko community, making it possible for your workout to be a solo or team effort.


“Our vision is to bring some of the [motion capture] technology that was limited to Hollywood and the gaming industry into the hands of athletes,” says Mazen Elbawab, CEO and founder of Heddoko. And though the technology is still being fine-tuned, it looks like Heddoko is poised to make a real difference in the self-driven fitness world. This is the first step towards augmented reality personal trainers, and holds possibilities for healthcare, rehabilitation, and even theatrical and performance applications.

Heddoko will be one of the startups featured at Startup Fashion Week, taking place in Toronto this October 7-9. Be sure to stop by the startup showcase on the evening of October 7th for a special presentation by Mazen and a demo of Heddoko!

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