#VoicesOfStyle Week One: “My Style”

Happy Monday, techies! Today is the first day of Ology.com’s #VoicesOfStyle campaign! This week’s theme is “My Style,” so come on over to Ology.com and show us your best looks! Every day this week we’ll be having and OOTD – Outfit of the Day contest. Be sure to use the hashtags #VoS and #VoicesOfStyle to get your posts included! Vote for your favourites and the ten with the most votes will win a discount to shop at Glamour Kills NYC (applicable online as well)! Be sure to follow my Trendy Techie Ology to keep up to date with all the … Continue reading #VoicesOfStyle Week One: “My Style”

Announcing: #VoicesOfStyle Campaign with Ology.com

This month I have the exciting opportunity to partner with Ology.com as a Style Leader for their #VoicesOfStyle campaign! #VoicesOfStyle is all about exploring and developing our individual styles – what inspires us, what influences us, and how we take fashion by the horns and make it our own. At Ology.com people can create and join ologies – communities about topics they love – and interact with others by posting and commenting. It’s like Facebook pages but with more interaction, more options, and a better interface! Who can join #VoicesOfStyle? Anyone! Yes, you, techies! Simply create an ology of your … Continue reading Announcing: #VoicesOfStyle Campaign with Ology.com