GlamST: Your Digital Vanity Mirror

Have you ever been browsing Sephora and seen a gorgeous new lipstick or eyeshadow that you just needed to buy? Chances are you chose to go to the store to try it on before buying it instead of ordering it online. With the amount of money that makeup costs these days it would be a waste if you ordered a product in the wrong shade! Now with this fashion-forward app GlamST by two female engineers from Uruguay (yay women in tech!), you can try on products digitally without ever leaving home!


GlamST has 4 important components:

1. Virtual makeup tester: try products on your own picture
2. Algorithm for intelligent recommendations: automatic recommendations on how to complete your look
3. Social advice: ask the community to advice you in the creation of your look.
4. Latest trends and Tips: space for the bloggers to post their blog posts with link to their blogs

It’s currently in the final stages of development, and will be available soon on the Windows Store! I’m really looking forward to trying this app out. Last year when I dyed my hair black, I used a similar website to simulate the change in hair colour. I think this app is a great opportunity for users to save their money and make the makeup-buying experience a social one. Get the app here!

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