Trendy Techie’s Device Closet

Welcome to my device closet! I post a lot about my actual closet, but as a tech collector a good deal of my room is taken up by devices so I thought I’d give you a tour of my favourite tech! Laptops: ThinkPad – my current go-to machine. It’s my favourite because it’s a touch screen running the beautiful Windows 8, and its screen swivels and folds to become a tablet! I’m in love with it. HP laptop – also running Windows 8. I like it, but it’s outdated. But my experience with HP has always been positive, so it … Continue reading Trendy Techie’s Device Closet

Mac OS, the pageant queen

Mac OS seems to be the stereotypical pageant queen of the tech world – pretty and flexible, but not all that sharp. Before university, I was always a Windows girl who wanted a Mac. Now I have a Macbook and all I want is a good Windows PC. Before my current laptop (a 15″ Macbook Pro), I had an HP. I can’t remember the model – all I know is it was thick, grey plastic, and by the time I was done with it, no longer turned on without being plugged in. It was a sturdy thing, but it was running … Continue reading Mac OS, the pageant queen