Mac OS, the pageant queen

Mac OS seems to be the stereotypical pageant queen of the tech world – pretty and flexible, but not all that sharp. Before university, I was always a Windows girl who wanted a Mac. Now I have a Macbook and all I want is a good Windows PC.

Before my current laptop (a 15″ Macbook Pro), I had an HP. I can’t remember the model – all I know is it was thick, grey plastic, and by the time I was done with it, no longer turned on without being plugged in. It was a sturdy thing, but it was running XP and didn’t take well to the “upgrade” to Vista.

For years, the shiny Mac allure had me hooked like a fly to a UV light. I coveted Apple technology, eventually switching over to Apple products entirely – goodbye Motorola and HP, hello iPhone and Macbook Pro. I thought I had it made, until my SD slot conked out on me – 10 days after the warranty expired. And from there it has been a downward slope.

I have found that, where Windows lacks in aesthetic, it makes up for in durability and multitasking. Now that I have my pageant queen that gets slowed down by my iPhoto library, I really do miss my hard bodied HP. Now I’m eyeing up those HP EliteBook Revolves with the swivel screen/tablet conversion, or considering doing away with laptops entirely and opting for a much sleeker Microsoft Surface.

Where do YOUR loyalties lie in the never-ending World War PC?


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