Trendy Haul: Niagara Fashion Outlets

I recently went on an outlet mall shopping spree in Buffalo, NY, resulting in a much skinnier wallet and a much fatter closet! I’ll never understand why the prices and sales are so much better in the states than in Canada, but I love that just twenty minutes south of the border lies Fashion Outlets of Niagara, an outlet mall that has some incredible, incredible deals.

trendy haul niagara fashion outlets

Yes, my lovely techies, I got all those things at 30% off OR MORE!

I’m loving this high-heeled sneakers trend. When I first saw it, I admit I scoffed. It seemed ridiculous that people would make sneakers – shoes designed to be comfy – uncomfy, but now that I met these babies from Luxury Rebel I’m hooked. The 30% off made it even better, of course, and I ended up buying a pair in black as well. Seize the trend wholeheartedly, I say!

trendy haul shoes

I love the materials of these three dresses I bought. Aren’t the colours fantastic? This is as much of these dresses as I’ll show you now – stay tuned for full outfit posts featuring these pretties later on this summer!

dress fabric

At the beginning of summer I visited the opening of a new Kate Spade store in Yorkville, and promptly fell in love with her gold-rimmed bangles. I was so excited to discover that the Kate Spade outlet store at Niagara Fashion Outlets was having a sale: 50% off your entire purchase! Psst…the sale is on until July 7 at all KS Outlet stores! So I got a whole bunch of bracelets, half price each! The blue and black tanktops with cute little bows are also from KS. Can’t wait to wear those with capris and skirts this summer!

kate spade bracelets

I also got a Juicy Couture starter bracelet (at $15 instead of $30) and two charms from Fossil – the lobster because of my time at school in the East Coast and the gumball machine just because it’s so darn cute and youthful. I’ve had a couple charm bracelets, but none that I’ve started from scratch and built completely by myself. Also none in gold. Here’s to new beginnings!

fossil charms

Definitely the best store of the day was Coach. Normally I don’t spend a ton of money at Coach because the prices are so high. BUT the Canada Day/4th of July week promotion was, like at Kate Spade, 50% off your entire purchase! The coat and purse were already reduced to 40% off beforehand, so I got a huge, huge discount on these items.

coach haul

coach purse nude trim

This chunky oversized coat really excites me. It was almost $600 originally (before the outlet reduction, further 40%, further further 50%, and further further further 5% discount because of a loose button), and I got it for $140. *giggles with joy* I’m going to wait till fall to wear it, obviously, but I can hardly wait to style it! I’m already imagining all the outfits I can wear it with.

coach haul 2

I am thoroughly impressed with this shopping trip. I can’t even believe how much I bought and how much I SAVED! Remember, it’s always worthwhile to buy when you find things you love. If you LOVE something, buy it because you’ll almost undoubtedly need/enjoy/appreciate it later and, if you don’t have it, you’ll have to rush out and compromise on a similar piece. So shop once in a while, but go all out when you do. Especially when you find good deals.

Where’s your favourite outlet mall? What’s your favourite outlet haul? (rhymes, hehe!)


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