The 3 Best No-Code-Needed App Building Tools for People With Good Ideas

We’ve all done it: thought of an app and then realized we had no idea how to transfer the concept from our heads to our phones. Some of us went to school for computer science, some of us taught ourselves to code, and some of us really had no idea where to begin. Well, now you can build your dream app with no coding at all! Here are the top three no-code-needed app building tools to take you from design to deployment.

1. Windows Phone App Studio

windows phone app builder

With Windows Phone App Studio, app development is easy and nearly effortless. With plenty of support from the Microsoft Developers’ Network, you could probably get your whole app done in less than a day.

2. ZipApp

“Quick, simple, and faster than hell.” ZipApp helps you build apps quickly and download the entire source code so you can play around with it/save it for yourself, making it your project entirely. Dozens of templates are provided and Windows Store integration is seamless so you can launch it to the store within ZipApp itself.



Turn your WordPress site into iPhone, Android and Windows Phone apps! In just four easy steps, you can access the mobile market and dramatically increase your viewership.


It’s remarkably easy to build apps nowadays, regardless of whether or not you know how to code. We have appbuilders building apps that build apps – futuristic, eh?

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2 responses to “The 3 Best No-Code-Needed App Building Tools for People With Good Ideas”

  1. :O No way, I didn’t know this existed!! I’ve just started teaching myself to program, but I’ve had the best app idea for so long (that STILL doesn’t exist somehow haha), ohh flipping sweet beans, I am so trying these out.

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