Summer Trend: High Waisted Shorts + Crop Top

cne comp 1

Alert, alert! High waisted shorts are making a comeback!

These particular shorts are from Topshop, and I got them three years ago while I was in London. If I wanted to go all hipster I’d say I was wearing these before they were cool – which I was – but I won’t. ;P I genuinely love high-waisted shorts and what they do to a girl’s figure, and I wouldn’t trade this gorgeous waistband for a low rise one, ever.

ferris wheel

These guys running the games seemed to love my shorts too! :P

carnival hug carnival friend carnival chair pretty sage swan looking sage swancne comp 6

People looked at me like I was crazy for wearing these heels, but carnivals are just so much fun to photoshoot at! One photographer actually started following us around like a stalker. It’s a different story if he’d said hi or asked to take a pic, but he was hiding around the games and would start walking away when I looked at him, then point his camera at me when I turned away! Creeeeepy.

shoot out carnival cne comp 4

What I love about this outfit is that it’s so effortless. Just two pieces: a crop top and shorts, yet it looks so fun and flattering. It’s so comfortable and moveable, perfect for this hot summer weather.

sage carnival pose
So techies, what’s your opinion on the comeback of high-waisted shorts? Do you love ’em like me or hate ’em?



crop top: Papaya

high waisted shorts: Topshop

heels: Stuart Weitzman (also worn in my springtime photoshoot)

hairband: Ophelie Hats

watch: Bestey Johnson

9 responses to “Summer Trend: High Waisted Shorts + Crop Top”

  1. You look amazing in them! I confess, I haven’t been brave enough yet to try high-waisted shorts. I love this shoot! The colors, the atmosphere – just terrific!

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