Semiformal Summer Style: 3 Tips to Beat the Heat

Summer is officially here and it is HOT! I live in an 11th floor apartment with no AC, and it just so happens that that is also my home office, so I’m basically working in a sweat lodge. Good thing I’m moving back to Toronto soon though, where a nicely air conditioned living room awaits me and my mobile workspace.

The muggy summer heat can make it *really* difficult to dress up nicely, especially for formal events where you have to take nice photos! Here are a few tips for a semiformal summer look that keeps you feeling as beautiful as you look.

  1. Choose a light fabric that flows, like a light cotton or linen.
  2. Choose light colours. They reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it, which keeps you cooler.
  3. Wear shoes that breathe, but also stay on. Think strappy sandals and high ankles instead of closed-toed stilettos. Need shoe suggestions? Check out my summer shoe staples here!

Following these rules, I chose this light and airy asymmetrical dress from Ann Taylor and paired it with a vibrant Jeanne Lottie purse and my favourite casual heels from Massarotto Luisa Calzature.


dress: Ann Taylor  |  purse: Jeanne Lottie  |  shoes: Massarotto Luisa Calzature  |  bracelet: Nancy Nelson

. . . . . . .


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