Seven Summer Shoe Staples

I often get asked about my shoes, so I’ve put together this little catalog of my seven favourite pairs for summer occasions.

1. The All-Day Sandals

Comfy sandals you can wear all weekend, whether you’re lounging in your backyard or exploring the streets of a new city. My favourite pair are from Massarotto Luisa Calzature in Castel Franco, Italy. I wore these shoes all around Northern Italy last summer, and I’ll definitely be putting them back in my suitcase for my travels this summer. The brown leather goes with almost anything, and the bronze and white details make them easily convertible from casual to elegant.



2. The Walkable Heels

A comfy pair of heels may be hard to find, but there are two things you should look for if you want some added lift on a day of walking around the city. A chunky heel adds major stability so you won’t feel like you’re tottering, and a shoe that wraps around the foot and ankle will stay on your feet on uneven cobblestone streets.


3. The Knockout Heel

One summer I had a few gigs as an event musician, and I made the mistake of wearing these heels to a designer’s party, where I was standing to perform the whole time. This is likely the least comfy of the shoes listed here, but a staple nonetheless. For dates, cocktail parties, and other events where you’re not going to be on your feet for too long, my favourite knockout heel is this pair of Mary Jane-style stilettos by Michael Kors.


4. The Ankle Boot

For rainy days or walks through the woods, a closed-toe boot is my go-to. I like these cream leather ones I got from a shoemaker in Riva Del Garda, Italy, but if you plan on walking in the mud you might want to go with a darker colour.


5. The Pretty Flat

Great for those events where you want to wear the knockout heel but realize you’re going to be on your feet for too long. A pair of flats is easy to toss in a big purse or leave in your car for those mid-event shoe changes.


6. The Cute Runners

My choice: low Converse All-Stars in lace. These shoes are flat, comfy, and can be worn with a pretty dress or shorts and a baseball tee alike.


7. The Wedge

When people think of summer footwear, they almost immediately go to the wedge. And there’s a reason for that! These comfy shoes stay on and let you frolick through the streets and the sands of summer. My choice for wedges is the Michael Kors collection, which comes in a rainbow of colours and fabrics for every wardrobe.


What’s your go-to summer shoe? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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