Startup Spotlight: VNTANA Holographics

Holograms have, for decades, been a vision of the future. With applications in communication, entertainment, and productivity, holograms have the potential to make the globe more connected than ever. Microsoft’s Hololens has already shown us that it’s possible with a head-mounted holographic computer (see my post on Hololens if you aren’t familiar with its epicness), but another company, VNTANA, is taking a different approach and creating interactive holograms for the masses.

Check out this cool video to see it in action!


With VNTANA’s interactive, wearable-free systems, we may soon be seeing holograms in the window displays of our favourite stores. Imagine walking by Victoria’s Secret and seeing a holographic fashion show strutting through the window, or passing a Gamestop where Master Chief is fighting brutes!

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We’ll also be seeing richer concerts with remote celebrity appearances, interactive augmented reality education, and may eventually see secretaries replaced by pre-recorded holographic entities, much like pre-recorded menus have replaced phone operators.

Holograms are no longer a vision of the future, they are a reality of today. How would you like to see holograms used in your daily life?

. . . . . . .


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