We Are Wearables Toronto Wearable Tech Celebration

When someone says they’re going to a wearables meetup, you probably picture a dozen or so people sitting around a table comparing fitness bands, right? Well that’s not how we do it in Toronto! Last week’s We Are Wearables meetup boasted over 800 attendees and 20 exhibitors, as well as a lineup of fireside chats featuring leaders of wearable companies like Nymi and Muse.

Far beyond wristables, the devices being demoed spanned the entire wearable ecosystem. Gadgets on display included the brain-sensing headband Muse, heartbeat authentication band Nymi, electronically lit and heated apparel, skin damage sensors, and a variety of virtual reality headsets. I had tried VR experiences before, but had never encountered as vivid an experience as painting in virtual reality with the HTC Vive and Tilt Brush. Local AR/VR experience company Metavrse set up the Vive and Gear VR with a rumble pack – I don’t think they had a single quiet moment at their booth that entire night!

This incredible meetup has me more excited than ever about the future of wearables. The applications go far beyond smart watches and fit bands, and will soon make an impact in every aspect of our lives. We’ll see wearables in hospitals, in classrooms, on planes, and, most importantly, on every parts of our bodies. This is the wearable revolution, baby!


. . . . . . .

I was wearing…

jacket: Guess | shorts: Guess | crop top: street vendor in NYC (also seen here) | shoes: Massarotto Luisa Calzature

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