Digital Drugs Are Here: NERVANA E-Stimulation

Pick your poison: drugs, alcohol, or…electrical stimulation? NERVANA stimulates your brain’s pleasure center to the beat of your favourite songs.

NERVANA’s noninvasive device stimulates the brain’s pleasure center by sending a light electrical current through the left ear canal and into the Vagus nerve, which releases neurotransmitters in the brain to enhance your mood. The device comes in two parts: a generator and a pair of headphones. The generator receives and interprets the sound signal from your device, then syncs up the electrical current with the music and sends it through the earbuds. NERVANA also operates in Ambient mode, which uses environmental sounds (sounds around the user, like music at a concert) as the input. For users who just want the stimulation without the sound, Formula mode provides a pre-determined pattern of stimulation that plays without sound.

Early users of the device have described the experience as “intensely serene” (USA Today) and “unusually happy” (Science Alert). Sporting no medical red flags, NERVANA is the first of many bioelectronic devices that the company plans to develop, and could be the start of the age of digital drugs.

What do you think? Would you use NERVANA?


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