My Last Summer in Halifax

Five years ago I was packing up my life to move to Halifax for university; now I’m packing up once again to move back home to Toronto. When I started my degree I had no idea how much would happen during my five years in the Maritimes. I turned my passion into my career, found love and lost it, and met hundreds of people who came in and out of my life and shaped it like water eroding a rock face. At times I hated Halifax for keeping me away from my family, and other times I felt like I found parts of myself I could only have found on the docks in the salty sea breeze. Halifax will forever be a part of my story.

Now that I’m leaving I’m finding myself appreciating Halifax in ways I never did before. Without classes drawing me to campus I’m able to explore and discover the city from a new perspective, through the lens of a young professional. I’m spending more time in public workspaces and down on the waterfront, soaking in every last bit of east coast sunshine I can get before I leave.


. . . . . . .



4 responses to “My Last Summer in Halifax”

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