Strength, Empowerment and Inspiration at 30 Minute Hit Halifax

When packing up her family to move from Vancouver to Halifax, Danika Bertelli decided it was time to take her passion for women’s fitness to the next level. As a long-time member of 30 Minute Hit in Vancouver, Danika recognized the importance of providing women with a safe and positive environment in which to build strength and learn to defend themselves. On July 1st, Danika officially took over ownership of the Halifax 30 Minute Hit location, making the transition from member to owner, personal trainer, and entrepreneur.
I joined 30 Minute Hit earlier this summer and have been working with Danika to train my body and build my strength. It is incredibly empowering to learn how to defend oneself, especially when learning from Danika, an inspiring, strong woman. The 30 Minute Hit studio is set up as a circuit of fifteen 2-minute stations, each focusing on a different kickboxing-inspired self defense move. The studio is filled with pumping music and Danika’s encouragement to keep us hitting the whole way through.
danika_bertelli_30_minute_hit_halifax_2 30_minute_hit_halifax_kickboxing_6
Danika still uses her original boxing gloves from when she first joined 30-Minute-Hit in Vancouver. There’s something wonderful about seeing such powerful punches thrown by baby pink gloves.
30_minute_hit_halifax_kickboxing_5 30_minute_hit_halifax_kickboxing_4 30_minute_hit_halifax_kickboxing_2
My personal favourite station is the last one, featuring B.O.B. the humanoid punching bag.
30_minute_hit_halifax_kickboxing_1 danika_bertelli_30_minute_hit_halifax_5 30_minute_hit_halifax_kickboxing_3 danika_bertelli_30_minute_hit_halifax_3
While the satisfaction of a good workout is rewarding enough, the thing I love most about 30 Minute Hit is working with Danika. I’ve always found fitness to be a social activity, and I need a good motivator to keep me going when I’m working out. Whether she’s working out or talking about her business or family, Danika’s passion and vivacious energy are infectious – she is truly an inspiration both on and off the mats.

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