Trendy Techie, Tech Evangelist

I am very excited to announce that, as of today, I am joining Microsoft Canada as a Tech Evangelist! 

For the last 16 months I have been a Content Developer at Microsoft Learning Experiences, creating online training courses on for developers around the world. I joined LeX in 2015 after my year-long internship as a Tech Evangelist at Microsoft Canada, and now I will be returning to that team as a TE.

What is a Tech Evangelist?

Tech Evangelist has to be one of the coolest titles out there. What it means is we highlight the technologies of our company by developing cool demos that showcase their capabilities and uses. We work with developers to build out solutions and examples with our technologies for their companies, and we are the front wave of devs bringing the newest tech out to you.

So basically, this is my dream job.


. . . . . . .


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