Belle Québec

Quebec City is one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Canada. This time around I stayed in Auberge Saint-Antoine in lower Quebec, and what a beautiful hotel it was! It is the perfect mix of modern and classic, with 17th-century artifacts displayed in bright modern ways.


It has vibrant sitting rooms and cozy little nooks with books in English and en Français, each with a modern fireplace containing wrought iron decorations.


The bedrooms are all uniquely designed and very spacious – it’s clear that the decorators had comfort and aesthetic in mind. They even have great little balconies looking out onto the surrounding area!


And the GYM is to die for! Top-of-the-line Techno Gym equipment with built-in fans, complimentary tea, coffee and apples, and a cleaning staff that comes through frequently to make sure things are all in order.


So if you’re planning a trip to Quebec, consider a stay at Auberge Saint-Antoine! It’s an experience in itself.


Have you ever been to Canada? Which city did you go visit?


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