Photo Diary: Boston

Oh, America. Only you would turn a historic government building into a steakhouse. Yes, Boston is home to so much history that they surely had no choice but to capitalize on the tourism factor and put a steakhouse right inside Old City Hall, surrounded by statues of important men in America’s fight for independence.


Steakhouse aside, Boston really is a historic city. You can’t go ten steps without encountering traces of the past, whether it’s a cemetery filled with graves of famous names, plaques commemorating America’s firsts, or the red-bricked Freedom Trail that winds through the city. In June I found myself in Boston for training, and I took the opportunity to hop on board a trolley tour to see as many sights as possible in my one free day. All photos in this post were taken with the LG G4 phone, which I was test driving for the month courtesy of LG Canada.
boston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_quincy_market_prideboston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_revere_tombboston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_sam_adams_tombboston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_10boston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_fancy_sports_carsboston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_1 boston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_disney_princesses_on_swan_boatboston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_street_performer_corinneboston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_orange_net_sculpture_installation boston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_4 boston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_8

The hotel I stayed at was in Cambridge, right on the doorstep of MIT. I’d been there once before so I didn’t tour the campus, opting instead to mix and mingle with local geniuses at a neat little bar called The Miracle of Science. Yes, their menu is a periodic table. boston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_6 boston_photo_diary_trendy_techie_5

I very rarely eat fast food, but this time I decided to go to Panda Express and got a very fitting fortune in my cookie! This happened the last time I had a fortune cookie, too – a few months ago I got “Keep an ear out for opportunities at work,” just before getting interviewed for my new job. Coincidence?

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