LG Music Flow Speakers Review

Aesthetic: 10/10 | Sound: 9/10 | Portability: 7/10

As a musician, music is very important to me. I am constantly listening to music, whether I’m working, driving, working out, or traveling. The LG Music Flow speaker is a compact, beautifully-designed Bluetooth speaker that packs a powerful sound. I’ve had my fair share of standalone speakers in my lifetime (and I’m really picky when it comes to sound quality) and this Music Flow is top dog.


It’s clear that the Music Flow is designed to fit in a modern home office. Its sleek angles and double-directional output are ideal for my workspace, and they pump the music through my entire apartment. I’m a big fan of heavy bass and the Music Flow has a nice balance at the higher volumes. At low volumes the bass is a little soft for my liking but the sound is crisp.

The speaker is weightier than it appears, which has proven to be a good feature since it doesn’t easily get knocked off a desk or displaced by moving my laptops. However this makes the speaker less portable than its size might suggest. And while the convenience of Bluetooth is undeniable, one might ask if it is necessary if the speaker is not portable.

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The one downside to this speaker is that the battery doesn’t last very long. And maybe that’s because when I use it I have it playing constantly at high volumes. At this rate it plays consistently for about an hour before I have to plug it back in. But again, if you’re not carrying it around then it can sit plugged in to the power supply.

Compared to the Jawbone Jambox that I had before, the sound on this speaker is richer, deeper, crisper, and fuller all around.


Speakers c/o LG Canada

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