Ada’s Technical Books & Café

Named after Ada Lovelace, one of the mothers of Computer Science, Ada’s Technical Books and Café is a haven for the technically minded. Nestled between the wellness shops and quirky corners of Seattle’s CapHill district, Ada’s is a refreshing mixture of quaint country home and innovative workspace. In this quaint-yet-futuristic transformed home, patrons will find hundreds of geeky gadgets, nerdy novels, and techie trinkets, as well as fresh baked goods and finely crafted coffees (we are in Seattle, after all!).


Ada Lovelace is credited as being the first computer programmer and the inventor of computational science. Born to a poet father and mathematical mother, Ada was taught to use both the analytical and creative sides of her brain. It makes sense then, that Ada’s Technical Books & Café so naturally combines elegance and airiness with the traditionally hard world of computing. Here you can get a warm cup of coffee while you browse the wall of parts, or enjoy a sweet scone while thumbing through the books on programming languages and computing concepts.


If I ever move to Seattle I will become a frequent regular at Ada’s. The atmosphere in here is so light and positive, and it speaks to the innovative parts of my soul. I highly recommend if you are in the CapHill area you drop in for a day in geek paradise.


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