Cherry Blossoms and Solo Travel

Nestled on the University of Washington campus, surrounded by Victorian buildings you’d sooner expect to find in England than in the Pacific Northwest, are dozens of Sakura trees which, for a few special weeks each spring, burst into bloom with magnificent pink blossoms. The scent of the blossoms dances on the light breeze coming off Lake Washington, making the spring smell like early summer.


On my latest trip to Seattle I had the weekend to myself to explore the area and, at the recommendation of a teammate, went to the UW campus. Later that day I met up with Dona Sarkar, a triple-threat fashion designer, author and hologram designer at Microsoft, and then settled at Ada’s Technical Books & Café to do some writing. Traveling for work means traveling by myself, and it’s a great way to discover yourself while you discover the world. I highly recommend embarking on a solo adventure to somewhere new.

See also: Ada’s Technical Books & Café

cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_2 cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_9 cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_4 cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_1cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_6cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_5 cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_7cherry_blossoms_spring_university_washington_trendy_techie_8


blouse: Ralph Lauren Denim | pants: Guess | trench: Anne Taylor | handbag: H&M | boots: La Canadienne

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