Vita Bella


Halifax in the summer is truly beautiful. The sun breaks through thick fluffy clouds and illuminates not only the sparkling ocean water but the bright flowers and life of this small, bustling city. Though the summer is Halifax’s busiest time of year, it’s peaceful in the Public Gardens, a beautiful historic oasis right in the heart of the downtown core, protected from metropolis by wrought iron gates.


Once you walk through the beautiful entrance you are greeted by beautiful chubby bees, thousands of flowers, and gorgeous footbridges crossing the winding streams that mark the landscape with soft babbles and twists. It’s an experience of solitude and safety, and reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

trendy_techie_white_pinko_dress_11trendy_techie_white_pinko_dress_6 trendy_techie_white_pinko_dress_8trendy_techie_white_pinko_dress_2

I wish you were here to experience the sweetness in the air, the softness of the breeze, the perfect balance of nature in this city by the sea. This garden is a taste of la vita bella, the beautiful life of worry-free happiness, love and light.

trendy_techie_white_pinko_dress_7 trendy_techie_white_pinko_dress_3 trendy_techie_white_pinko_dress_9

The quality of your light often steals my breath.

signature 1


dress: PINKO Italia

necklace: Foxine

flower ring: Juicy Couture

silver and gold daisy bracelet: Metalsmiths

shoes: Michael Kors

2 responses to “Vita Bella”

  1. You are so beautiful. You look like Angelina in these pics but in your special way. Also a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

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