Goo.ey, My Cracked-Back Saviour!

Cracked phone back, that is! I hate bulky phone cases. Devices are getting thinner and thinner, but that’s no reason to slap thick cases on them! For months my iPhone went naked, its delicate glass back exposed to a world of harsh threats. I dropped it a fair share of times, and I’m so lucky to still have a pristine, crack-free phone. But now I’ve found Goo.ey‘s magic sticky-back phone skins and I’m so happy!


Goo.ey makes a really cool line of phone cases and skins that make your phone cling to smooth surfaces like a gecko’s sticky toes. It’s fantastic for those moments when you just don’t have enough hands to hold your phone, like when you’re putting on makeup without a mirror, when you’re talking to someone on Skype, or when you’re watching videos while cooking. Now that I think of it, this would be great for putting on makeup while watching tutorials! And the best part is the back is only sticky on smooth surfaces – so it won’t stick to your purse, the inside of your pockets, or anything else you don’t want it to.


I somehow managed to stick the skin on perfectly for the first time in my life, not blocking out the camera or going over the edges! *applause*.


I love my Goo.ey skin so much that my friends over at Goo.ey have decided to sponsor a giveaway of an iPhone 5/5s case for one lucky Trendy Techie reader! The cases come in aqua, red, orange, yellow, black, white, clear and turquoise, and the winner will be able to choose whichever one they want. :) Fill out the Rafflecopter giveaway to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Yes, Goo.ey sponsored this giveaway, but all opinions are mine and I do really love these cases. :) Good luck!

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