Encoded City

A lot can be characterized in a city’s colour palette. Halifax is all blues, the sky and sea sharing between them the spectrum of cool shades. A certain Brooklyn neighbourhood called Red Hook shares these beautiful blues – just look at my scarf! – and a certain digital fashion project is here to share the shades in a cool new way. Introducing The Brooklyn Block, a new set of textiles created by digitally encoding videos of Brooklyn neighbourhoods.


Born from the poetic rhythm and beauty of Brooklyn’s ever-evolving atmosphere, The Brooklyn Block presents a refreshing new way to enjoy (and proudly wear) Brooklyn’s many colour palettes. Here’s how it works: Videos of locations across Brooklyn are processed in code to generate specific patterns that represent the area. Those patterns are then printed on cotton voile scarves and sold on The Brooklyn Block’s website.


It’s such a simple yet modern way to represent contemporary Brooklyn and freeze in time the colours of today. It’s art meets code meets fashion, and I’m smitten! Here’s how I styled my Red Hook scarf on the blue docks of Halifax, 1453 km away from Red Hook itself.


If you’re ever in downtown Halifax, you have to go to The Bicycle Thief. I know I’ve written about it before, but they truly are the best restaurant in Halifax! Their renowned bar produces drinks to die for (try anything with jalapeno, it’s amazing what they can do with spices and liquor), and the oysters…oh, the oysters.


Halifax is beautiful in summer, and though I’ve never been to Red Hook, I am proud to wear such a beautiful and unique depiction of its colours. The Brooklyn Block is a fascinating take on encoded fashion, and I can’t wait to see what they do next!

signature 1


scarf: c/o The Brooklyn Block

dress: Anthropologie

shoes: Wishbone (also worn in my Italian Princess photoshoot!)

purse: Coach

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