Minnie Style Throughout the Decades: Mercedes-Benz Start Up Competition at World MasterCard Fashion Week

Every year at World MasterCard Fashion Week, the Mercedes-Benz Start Up competitors have the opportunity to showcase their collections in the final element of their competition. As I mentioned in my Day 1 coverage post, Sid Neigum took home the big prize with his beautifully structured monochromatic garments. But the winner was not chosen based solely on his final collection, there were other layers to the competition as well. Among them, this year Disney partnered with Mercedes-Benz Start Up, adding a new element to the program: all finalists were asked to create a design inspired by Disney fashion darling Minnie Mouse throughout the decades.

In a beautiful, exclusive cocktail party, models showcased the designs amid a swirling crowd of media and special guests. Here’s a glimpse into the party and a look at the classic and quirky designs inspired by the world’s most fashionable mouse.

Sid Neigum


Inspired by the classic Minnie and Mickey ear silhouettes, Sid Neigum’s winning design was composed of 1,928 laser-cut shapes.



BLAK.I captured Minnie’s fun energy with a dotty, colour-blocked dress. This model was fantastic too, she was so energetic and the crowd loved photographing her!

Eliza Faulkner


Eliza Faulkner’s cute-casual take on Minnie played up the bold red and statement bows.



Beaufille’s designers took inspiration from the classic black and white sketch-style drawings of the original Mickey and Minnie cartoons.


minnie_mouse_style_wmcfw_2014_4 minnie_mouse_style_wmcfw_2014_5 minnie_mouse_style_wmcfw_2014_holographic_shoes

Vaiken’s design was a futuristic rendition of the very first Minnie design from the 1920s. Perhaps if Minnie had been designed in the 2020’s she would have worn something like this! How killer are those holographic shoes?

Laura Siegel


Laura Siegel custom-designed this textile to make her Minnie style come to life.


I love this shot of me and my friend Kayla from Short Presents! We had a blast sipping champagne and Peroni together at the #MinnieStyle event, and can’t wait to see what Mercedes-Benz Start Up has in store next season!

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