Giift: the Social Network for Gift Giving

As money fades out of the physical realm and into the digital one in the form of credit cards, gift cards and (more excitingly) bitcoins, it’s becoming increasingly tedious to keep track of where we keep it. Digital wallets are growing in popularity (check out Google Wallet for Android, Passbook for iOS, and Microsoft Wallet for Windows Phone 8.1), and with them comes a new age of people who will never have used cash and coin – hello, kids of today’s kids! Anyways, in all this hubbub about digital money, a new social network, Giift, has emerged not only to help you manage your own gift cards, but to let you give digital cash as gifts and earn rewards while doing so!

It’s quite a simple concept actually, and works very much like Facebook except with money. Once you’ve got your account set up and your friends added, there are three main options. 1. Load the information from your physical gift cards and personal accounts into your Giift account; 2. Sell and exchange your credits for rewards you want more; and 3. Share your deals and rewards with your friends, and send them points, miles and gift cards!

Then there’s the added bonus of a HUGE roster of participating programs that not only support the network, but that also offer special added bonuses. Plus, every time you add a friend you get 50 cents added to your account – that adds up fast!

What a cool idea, eh? I think it’s awesome that there’s now a social network dedicated to digital gifts. The only way this can go is up! The app is currently available for use on the web and through the Google Play store, and I’m sure it’ll be coming to iOS soon.

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