Top Three: Tomorrow’s Tech Today!

There are so many new things dropping daily in the tech world that it’s hard to keep up with them all! Releases fade in and out of the news, and with announcements like those made at WWDC and E3 these past weeks, the ever-approaching tomorrow is more and more tantalizing every day. Here are a few of the new/upcoming releases I am most excited about! And yes, you bet I’m excited about Apple’s Swift, but here are some lower profile releases you may not have heard about yet.

#1 – Sunset Overdrive

I love the Xbox One for all its high-tech, futuristic features, but there are simply not enough good games for it! After blasting through Ryse: Son of Rome and Assassin’s Creed, it feels like I’ve exhausted the realm of excellent third-person story games available to Xbox One owners. That’s why I’m absolutely buzzing with excitement for the release of Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac Games’ upcoming high-powered, post-apocalyptic, beautiful game! Sunset Overdrive takes place in a technicolour future (I know, I sound like a 1950s housewife on acid when I say that – no really, click the link), overrun with mutant humans. Join a faction in this “awesomepocalypse”, pick up a crazy hybrid weapon that fires bowling balls or mini helicopters, and fight off the hordes of energy drink-mutated nasties that are equally as zany as the weapons!


So. Excited.


#2 – Nymi

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much to you hate forgetting passwords? The Nymi band by Toronto-based biotech startup Bionym will make it so you never forget a password or even have to type one in again, by having your devices recognize you by your heartbeat. Like a fingerprint, everyone has a unique heartbeat, or electrocardiogram. The Nymi reads this and wirelessly verifies your identity with your laptop (or phone, or car, or whatever else you sync it with), and unlock them/log you in before you’re even prompted to enter your password. Hello, seamless world! I don’t know about you, but I’d guess I spend a solid ten minutes a day waiting for things to sign me in. That’s not a lot of time, but in this fast-paced world, every chunk of time is golden. And it’s not only this application that gets me excited about the Nymi, but all the possibilities this unlocks! Imagine the applications in workspace simplification! The best part is, you can sign up to be a developer and get the SDK to develop apps for the Nymi! SO MUCH YES.

img-band-stack img-close-loop



#3 – Mink Makeup Printer

Yes, you read that correctly. Mink combines colour pigments and 3D printing technology to let you create your makeup in exactly the shades you want it. Using the in-app colour picker, you choose a colour either from a colour wheel or anywhere on your screen, like from a makeup tutorial video, for example. Then you choose what you want to print, insert the correct container, and print it! Something tells me Sephora is going to buy this company out and install them in all their stores.



How cool are these?? I’m so excited for these releases. You can pre-order Sunset Overdrive and the Nymi now, and the Mink is still under wraps. Soon!

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