Tall Boots and a Summer Dress


Summer is the season of dresses, sunlight on skin and wind in hair. But summer in Halifax often finds us in the rain, hopping through puddles that were fun when we were welly-wearing kids, but that now stain our canvas sandals a muddy brown. My answer to that is to forgo the sandals in favour of tall riding boots!


Yes, these are the same boots that took me through the winter, and their sturdy leather frame work just as well on those misty East Coast summer days as they did in the city snowbanks of a Toronto winter. Pairing these boots with this gorgeously deep blue dress and a thin black belt, and complementing the iconic silver MK logo with antique silver jewelry make for a beautiful and comfortable summer outfit that is just something different.


Photography by David Pilat. Check out David’s other work on Flickr and follow his latest shoots on his Instagram and Facebook page! He also shot my Greaser Girl post – check it out!

signature 1


dress & belt: Jella Couture

boots: Michael Kors

jewelry: antique

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