Like a Creamsicle

This time of year is the best for shopping – the fall collections are starting to bloom, and the spring/summer collections are on super sale to make way for warmer pieces. My office wardrobe is full of winter and summer clothing, but because I have been in classes every autumn since I was six years old, I have zero fall office outfits. I recently hit up the Halifax Shopping Center to fill that wardrobe gap, and found my new favourite piece of clothing: this white crop sweater from Club Monaco.


Crop tops have been all the rage this summer, and that trend is not going to fade with the heat! Even though it’s still summer, there’s a bit of a fall chill in the wind here in Halifax. This crop top keeps me cozy through sun and shade, making this my favourite late-summer outfit. And how cute is that cartoony bag? It ties in the head-to-toe creaminess of this outfit with a pop of orange, my favourite colour.

white_sweater_high_waisted_denim_shorts_cartoon_jump_from_paper_bag_4 white_sweater_high_waisted_denim_shorts_cartoon_jump_from_paper_bag_8 white_sweater_high_waisted_denim_shorts_cartoon_jump_from_paper_bag_6white_sweater_high_waisted_denim_shorts_cartoon_jump_from_paper_bag_5

signature 1


sweater: Club Monaco

shorts: Topshop

purse: Jump From Paper

boots: handmade Italian

glasses: Guess

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