World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 1 Highlights

Welcome to Day 1 of World MasterCard Fashion Week SS15! Held in Toronto every season, WMCFW is the Canadian complement to the internationally-renowned season of fashion weeks that take place throughout fall and spring and display the next season’s collections from the world’s most influential designers. This year I had the pleasure of attending my first WMCFW as an official media member and get the first-hand view of what Canadians will be wearing on the beaches and boardwalks in Spring/Summer 2015 (SS!5). I have hundreds of photos of the pieces, from the beautiful and the dapper to the quirky and the unconventional. But first, let’s set the scene with a look at the World Mastercard Lounge, the space I called home between shows all throughout the week.


With the mood set by upbeat remixes of top charts, guests were welcome to demos and samples from major sponsors including Maybelline and Sony while waiting for the runway doors to open. The beautiful EAT and DRINK bars from the Ritz-Carlton Hotel featured gourmet hot chocolates and specialty cocktails, as well as macarons and paninis.


WMCFW kicked off with three shows: Sid Neigum, Pink Tartan, and the Mercedes-Benz Startup designers. Sid Neigum, recipient of the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s New Labels Award in 2012, let the incredibly detailed textures of his pieces shine by styling entirely monochrome outfits in a grayscale spectrum. Inspired by packaging design, the structure and geometry of the entire collection displayed Sid’s impeccable handiwork and craftsmanship. His collection was so loved that, at the end of the night, he won the Mercedes-Benz competition!

world_mastercard_fashion_week_toronto_ss15_sid_neigum_1 world_mastercard_fashion_week_toronto_ss15_sid_neigum_2 world_mastercard_fashion_week_toronto_ss15_sid_neigum_4 world_mastercard_fashion_week_toronto_ss15_sid_neigum_3

Next to grace the runway was Torontonian favourite Pink Tartan, a label known for its elegant, flirty, timeless pieces. To Pink Tartan, SS15 is about all the good parts of 1970s fashion, with the daring sheer materials and cutout textiles of today’s trends. The most amazing piece in the collection was a fur halter jumpsuit made of a beautiful square-patterned textile. The audience’s appreciation was audible as a gasp filled the room when the model walked out!

world_mastercard_fashion_week_toronto_ss15_pink_tartan_3 world_mastercard_fashion_week_toronto_ss15_pink_tartan_1 world_mastercard_fashion_week_toronto_ss15_pink_tartan_2

Pink Tartan was definitely one of my favourite collections. I’ll be doing a detailed feature on it soon!

Since fashion week brought together dozens of designers and events, I will be distilling the photos and stories into many posts and weaving them in to my regular posting cadence. There’s just too many beautiful details to confine it to a few posts! More details and professional photography coming soon, and some special collaborations too! Stay tuned and, as always, join in the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

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