Becoming a Microsoft Regional Director

I am so happy to announce that I’ve been selected to become a part of the Microsoft Regional Director program!


Microsoft Regional Directors are individual developers with significant knowledge of Microsoft technologies who are engaged in their communities and form an important link between Microsoft and the developer communities around the world. RDs are not employees of Microsoft and are not monetarily compensated; they provide Microsoft with a lens into the developer mindset, and provide developers with a voice to share feedback and perspectives with Microsoft.

It is an incredible honour to become an RD and join this incredible community of high-powered, very intelligent individuals. I come to this community from my background as a Microsoft Student Partner (MSP) and Technical Evangelist intern at Microsoft Canada. Many of the existing and new RDs are professionals with years – decades, even – of experience in the tech industry, some of whom have been part of the Microsoft story since the pre-Windows days. To call their accomplishments outstanding would be an understatement. A significant portion of these RDs began as Microsoft Most Valued Professionals (MVPs), who are independent developers with expertise in a specific Microsoft technology. Where MVPs are celebrated for their deep knowledge of one technology, RDs are selected for their knowledge that spans Microsoft’s technologies.

There are currently only 130 RDs across the globe – for perspective, there are approximately 6,000 MVPs in the world and 7,000 MSPs in India alone (I don’t have the global count, but the MSP program is active in over 80 countries). Acceptance to this prestigious program is a true honour, and I can’t even begin to describe the spectrum of excitement I am experiencing as I take my first steps as an RD. I am just starting my career, so to be one of the 11 MSPs selected to join the RD program is an absolute privilege, and I look forward to working with and learning from this amazing group of professionals over the two-year duration of this position.

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