Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

For years I’ve been curious about hair extensions, so I was excited when Irresistible Me offered me the opportunity to review their clip in extensions! Based in the Fashion District in New York, Irresistible Me offers 100% Remy human hair extensions, preprocessed and dyed to a range of natural shades. Remy extensions are the highest quality human hair extensions because they look the most natural and full.  The images below show my before and after wearing Irresistible Me’s Remy extensions in Silky Natural Black, 20 inches long and weighing 200g.


The difference is clear from the front, my hair not only looks thicker, but longer too! Without extensions it falls just past my ribcage, but with the extensions it brushes my waist, past the end of my crop top. The clip-in extensions are so easy to put in, and the whole transformation takes less than five minutes. They are fully stylable and washable, and can be worn over and over with proper care.


From the side you can see the increased thickness of my hair, from a ponytail of a few centimeters in diameter to a few inches!



Finally, the difference the extensions make from the back view is just amazing. It looks so thick and luscious, like a Disney princess!


Look at Jasmine’s blissful face, that’s how I feel wearing these irresistible extensions. You can check out Irresistible Me at their website, and see more reviews of their gorgeous extensions on their Facebook page!

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