Startup Spotlight: Nymi, the Wearable that Listens to Your Heart

Apple Watch lets you send your heartbeat to your friends, but this wearable actually does something useful with it.

If you’re like me, you have more passwords and logins than you can remember. If you’re on top of things, you’ve got them written down. If you’re proactive, you’ve got them in one of the many password keepers available for purchase or download. But if you have Nymi, you don’t need any of that because Nymi uses your heartbeat to verify your credentials.


This little band uses your ECG (electrocardiogram) to authenticate your identity through its sensor. Since everyone has a unique ECG, it can be used instead of a password to unlock, well, anything. The Nymi band sends signals to your devices via Bluetooth, opening your email, bank account, and even car door, in a heartbeat.

Not convinced? Watch the video:

What do you think of the Nymi? Would you trust it with your security?

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2 responses to “Startup Spotlight: Nymi, the Wearable that Listens to Your Heart”

  1. I think Nymi is innovative and shows the potential of what is possible with the new age of wearables. How they will go depends on how they compete against Apple and also, how they prevent man-in-the-middle. NFC has been slow to take off because Apple refused to incorporate chip into their phones…

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