Steller App: Unlock Your Inner Storyteller

Social networking is a huge market these days and, though sometimes it seems to be saturated, the world is never going to turn down an amazing new way to connect. Every now and then I scour the “Social Networks” category in the various app stores and look at all the new attempts at connecting us, and not surprisingly many of them miss the mark. But this new storytelling app has it all – ease of use, an elegant interface, and a killer purpose: to tell stories through multimedia flipbooks, all created on the iPhone. Introducing Steller: an up-and-coming social network that will let you unlock your inner storyteller.


Users create stories by capturing photos and videos on their phones and selecting them from the in-app finder. A selection of templates allows them to add text to the pages, overlaid or inline with the media. Once the story is created, the user publishes it to a collection where other people can read them. You may note the similarities to existing social media platforms: Instagram and Vine both let you upload videos/images with captions. But Stellar takes it one step further, effectively combining the Vinestagram experiences into one by letting you upload multiple pages of media into one story. Click on my story, Business Beautiful, to see an example!


In fact, here are a few more of my stories!

trendy_techie_steller_story_1 trendy_techie_steller_story_american_beauty trendy_techie_steller_story_rainy_leather_day

Isn’t that awesome? I love the simplicity and beauty of this app. And of course, you can follow users, like and share stories, and set up as many collections as you want so your library of stories is organized by topic.


I’m pretty obsessed with this app. It’s so fun to create and share stories and to see the awesome stuff other people have created! Check out some of my favourites below, and download the app to try it for yourself! Follow me to get the latest Trendy Techie stories, including some exclusive to the app that will not be shown here on the site. ;D

 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

Be sure to follow me so I can check out your stories! I see nothing but potential in this app and I’m looking for new people to follow. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. :) And let me know what you think in the comments below!


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