Trendy Techie’s Guide to the 10 BEST Geeky Gifts of 2016

Merry merry everyone! The holidays are upon us like a pack of robot reindeer, racing down the highways, charging up your driveway, and knocking down your door with all the force of Santa Claus after he’s eaten all your cookies. Whether you’ve got your shopping done already or you still haven’t found the perfect presents for all your loved ones, Trendy Techie is here to help you shop for the geeks on your nice list. Here are the 10 BEST geeky gifts for 2016!


The best Virtual Reality: HTC Vive

The HTC Vive packs a punch and, when paired with the Tiltbrush (also pictured below) is the most immersive VR headset at the consumer level. I highly recommend playing Space Pirate Trainer, an immersive alien fighting game with awesome graphics and haptic feedback!


The best laptop: Surface Book

Microsoft’s two-in-one tablet/laptop hybrid fits great performance and beautiful resolution into a compact and convenient body. The screen undocks to become a standalone tablet (yes, that means there are two batteries, one in the screen and one in the base), and can also be turned around and re-docked for a notebook-like experience. Coupled with the Surface Pen, this is perfect for the creator and developer alike.

The best holographic computer: HoloLens

My absolute favourite device to date the HoloLens brings holograms to life, creating digital elements in the world around you. This is not VR, this is MR – mixed reality – where digital objects can interact with physical ones. That means windows map to walls, characters can run along (and fall off of) your furniture, and every game changes to fit your surrounding.


(Gif via Microsoft)


For the space enthusiast: “Illumiscarf” LED Constellation Scarf by Shenova Fashion

A new addition to Shenova this holiday season, the Illumiscarf uses battery-powered LEDs to brighten up your wardrobe.


(Image via Shenova Fashion)

For the stylish scientist: Scientific 3D Printed Jewelry by Sci Chic

Created by engineering student Erin Winick, Sci Chic jewelry features minimalistic representations of scientific concepts across industries. Each piece is 3D printed and can be purchased in a variety of materials, including plastics and metals. Sci Chic even offers a monthly subscription box!

(Images via Sci Chic)

For the geek on the go: Michael Kors Access smart watch

The MK Access is a beautiful smart watch that looks and feels like a classic analog watch. Shown here using the Jagger hex value watch face, this smartwatch runs AndroidWear and features a microphone and speaker so you can read notifications, respond to messages, and even take phone calls and run Google Maps.


For the coder or computer geek: Felix Grays Computer Glasses with magnification and blue light filter

Designed for developers, Felix Gray glasses counter the negative effects computer screens have on our eyes by using +0.25 magnification and a blue light filter (hence the amber tone). Shown here in Nash style, I’ve been wearing my Felix Grays since this spring and they feel so good they’ve become an integral part of my coding time.


For the minimal geek: The Chemist Tree‘s Geeky Minimalist Prints and Stationery

Chemical compounds, complex equations, and nerdy puns, what better way to decorate a geek’s office? Each one of The Chemist Tree’s prints and stationery features elegant and cheerful geekery, accompanied by an explanation *just in case*. I purchased the below at the Toronto One of a Kind Show – my favourite is the Tangential and Chaotic Thoughts notebook set!


For the social media addict: Snapchat Spectacles

Earlier this year Snapchat announced Spectacles, the glasses that let you capture what you’re seeing and send it directly to your Snapchat story! Currently these Spectacles are only available at “Bots,” Snapchat’s special vending machines. If you’re lucky enough to find one, these make a great gift for your social media obsessed friends!


(Image via TechCrunch)

For the early adopter filmmaker: LG 360 CAM

This year 360 photos and video really took off, with some major players (including Facebook, LG, Samsung, and YouTube) embracing the 360 media space. 360 media captures a scene in a spherical format, and lets the viewer look around either in virtual reality or in a panoramic viewer. The 360 CAM is LG’s answer to 360 media, capturing 13MP stills and 2K video. The device can be used as a standalone device or paired with the LG G5, the latest phone from LG.


(Image via LG)

Happy holidays everyone! All the best to you and yours. :)

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This is not a sponsored post! These products endorsements are genuine and based on my experiences and personal opinions. The endorsements in this post do not reflect the opinions or position of any company or organization other than Trendy Techie. For more information, see my Blogging Philosophy!

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