Strategies for Startup Success with Angel Investor Uri Levine – VR Interview

Serial entrepreneur and angel investor Uri Levine is an expert in building successful companies. You may recognize him as the man who sold Waze to Google for $1.3 billion – as a co-founder and board member of over half a dozen startups, Uri is well-versed in what makes tech companies tick, and he has some tips for where, when, why, and how to make your startups stick.

“It’s all about doing good and doing well.” – Uri Levine

I caught up with Uri when he was in Toronto for the 3rd Annual Einstein Gala in support of the Einstein Legacy Project, where he gave a keynote on the importance of innovation in the tech hub of Israel and around the world.

What began as a conversation about the global ecosystem of innovation quickly became a discussion about what makes a startup successful in today’s world; Uri’s unique vantage point gives him a great view of innovation around the globe. Of the thriving tech hubs, Uri cites Israel as the ideal place for launching a global-scale startup. With its small population and supportive community, Israel (and its two innovation sub hubs, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) is poised to churn out startups ready to take on the problems of the future. What are some of these problems? Watch the interview to hear Uri explore how self-driving cars will disrupt far more than just the automotive industry!

Uri’s approach to life is all about “doing good and doing well.” Across his portfolio, he focuses on businesses that create a lot of value for a lot of users. In the 20 minutes that we chatted, Uri shared some valuable insights into how to make a startup successful, from finding the right problem to solve to picking the right co-founders. Watch the full interview below!

***This is a 360 video! Watch in VR using a headset or in 360 by click-dragging around the room.***


About the Einstein Gala: It has been 100 years since Albert Einstein created the General Theory of Relativity. To celebrate this historic milestone, the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University created the Albert Einstein Legacy Project to honor the life and legacy of Albert Einstein and to identify and inspire the next generation of brilliant minds on the planet. The Gala is part of the launch of a series of events celebrating Einstein, and funds raised will help build the only Archives and Visitor Center dedicated to the genius in Israel.

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