Announcing Trendy Techie Contributors!

Exciting news! Trendy Techie has just passed its 4th birthday, and to celebrate four years of geekiness I am thrilled to announce the Trendy Techie Contributor series!


Over the last four years, this blog has transformed my life. When I started Trendy Techie I had no idea how instrumental it would be to my personal identity, my professional career, and my mental health. From day one this has been about community for me, and we’ve built a beautiful section of web space that celebrates innovation, openness, and positivity in tech. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for being part of making Trendy Techie what it is today.

Through the growth of this community I have been introduced to so many incredible and inspiring people in tech, and I want to introduce them all to you too – or I should say, introduce you to each other! Trendy Techie Contributors are special guest authors who I will be inviting to share their thoughts and expertise right here on We will have seasoned technologists, budding entrepreneurs, superstar students…I will be curating the best and brightest technologists and geeks from the entire spectrum of the tech world!

To kick off the series I have an incredible young woman who I’ve had the pleasure of speaking alongside, VyVy Ngo. VyVy is high school student with a passion for equal-opportunity STEM education. An influencer among young technologists, VyVy is active in student life and has started initiatives at her schools to encourage girls and other underrepresented students to give technology a try. I first met VyVy at a YouthSpark event I hosted at Microsoft Canada, after which she took the initiative to learn Python and kickstart her coding journey! VyVy is a big inspiration to me and I look forward to sharing with you her vision of VR as a tool for empathy and identity. Stay tuned also for articles from tech blogger Kayla Matthews and Untouchd Magazine founder Holy P!

Check out the first post in the series here!

For the latest in Trendy Techie Contributor news, follow @theTrendyTechie on Twitter and use the hashtag #TrendyTechieContributor. See you there!

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