Raspberry Vintage Hat by the Seaside

I can smell the salt in the air, wafting up the hill from the harbour. The sky is blue and the water even brighter in the sun – a sign that summer is on its way. The breeze is crisp as always, chilled by the sea, and sometimes I have to hold my raspberry hat to keep it from flying away. A little yellow boat drives by, and a seal pokes his head out of the waves left in its wake. Sometimes it’s good to step away from technology and take it back to the days before cellphones, laptops, coding and debugging. Just soak in the sun, breathe in the salty air.

DSC02835 DSC02870

Inspired by my vintage raspberry hat, I wore my grey jacket and old character shoes (yes, these shoes have been in many musicals and dance shows with me!). This simple three-piece outfit is an eye-catching reference to the mid 20th century!  The hat adds a punch of colour, and the character shoes are just the right height to reference another era.

DSC02888 DSC02894

How would you style this hat differently? 


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