Photo Diary: Snapshots of Italy

July and August were a whirlwind of travel, exams and projects, during which I visited seven countries, took an impromptu detour through London and Paris to get to Italy (full story here), and spent time at Microsoft Headquarters with some of the top tech students in the world at the Microsoft Student Partner Summit (watch the recap and hear the CEO Satya Nadella’s inspiring words here!). In all the buzz I’ve shown you some pictures and videos, but haven’t yet had the chance to share this set of photos from my time in Northern Italy. From the hairpin turns of the Mendola Pass to the green waves of Lake Garda nestled between the mountains, the beauty in Northern Italy is astounding. Take a look!

hairpin_turns_passo_mendola_photography riva_del_garda_mountains_view_italy_photography riva_del_garda_swan_photographysage_riva_del_garda_photography bar_in_grocery_store_italy_photographypasso_mendola_italy_2014_photography grape_vines_riva_photographytiny_italy_alley_sage_photography mendola_dog_photography sage_flower_garden_italy_photography jesus_shrine_photography riva_del_garda_chapel_photography

Even in the smallest of towns there is no shortage of grandeur and grace. It’s one of the most peaceful places I have the pleasure of visiting, and I am so grateful to be a citizen of bella Italia.

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