Emerging Atlantic Designers Shine at the Design and Artistry Showcase this Weekend

Welcome to world fashion month, where trendsetters rave about spring and summer fashion half a year before it becomes relevant in the consumers’ minds. The focus of this time of year is often on the big fashion houses and the one-off designers skilled/unique/lucky enough to make it to the runway with the big dogs. But there are thousands – scratch that – hundreds of thousands of designers across the world that are making chic, relevant, ready-to-wear pieces, and that’s what the Design and Artistry Showcase is all about.

One of the best things about Nova Scotia is the emphasis on living local. The Canadian East Coast is rich with food, culture and creativity, and there are often events to showcase all it has to offer, like this weekend’s Design and Artistry Showcase at Sunnyside Mall in Bedford, where emerging designers and artists have set up to reveal their fall collections and latest works. Here’s a first look at the showcase from their VIP launch party Thursday night!

designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_1Sage (Trendy Techie) sizing up a Zafira dress from the fall collection designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_jennifer_atkinson designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_middle_spoon designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_distinguished_designs_2 designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_sage_2 designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_distinguished_designs_1 designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_distinguished_designs_3 designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_sage_1 designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_2 designer_showcase_halifax_sunnyside_mall_bedford_zafira_2esme_coat_designer_showcase_halifax

Featured designers include Zafira, Esme Original, Ashley Reading, Distinguished Designs Jewelry, and Perlae Couture; and featured artists include Jennifer Atkinson and Prince Fuze. The showcase runs September 12-14th.

signature 1



top: Club Monaco

trousers: Club Monaco

shoes: Jessica Simpson

necklace: Le Chateau

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