Startup Spotlight: Ear-O-Smart Smart Earrings


One of the biggest challenges of designing health-focused wearables is making sure that people want to wear them for their looks as much as for their functionality. Fitbit and Jawbone are not known for their style factor – in fact, there are many companies now producing covers and charms to make these wearables, well, wearable. But how do you pack a ton of tech into a sleek, sexy accessory? This is exactly the problem that one startup, Ear-O-Smart, is aiming to solve with their smart earrings.

Leveraging Bluetooth 4.0 to connect wirelessly to your iOS or Android phone, Ear-O-Smart smart earrings are the world’s first earrings that can monitor your heart rate, calories and activity level throughout the day.

By default, the earrings come in a simple white gem style, but DIY kits are also available for the more adventurous buyers who want to design their own earrings. The startup is in an early stage right now and are currently funding on Kickstarter with expectations to begin shipping in June 2015.

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