ripley_aquarium_toronto_jellyfish_3I’ve always been mesmerized by jellyfish. They’re such graceful, ethereal creatures, but they have so much power hidden in their seemingly delicate tendrils. Like fairies or angels they float by slowly, twisting and winding through the water with ease and showing off the tiny creases and ripples of their transparent bodies. You can almost hear music as you watch these aquatic dancers, a tinkling song of icicles and water droplets and pure light, if light had a sound. It’s such a peaceful experience, losing yourself in the world of the jellyfish, letting your mind empty and the world around you fade away as though you really have immersed yourself in the deep sea. ripley_aquarium_toronto_jellyfish_4 ripley_aquarium_toronto_jellyfish_1 ripley_aquarium_toronto_jellyfish_2

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Photos taken at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto, by my friend Christian H.

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