Startup Spotlight: Feel the Beat, Literally, with Soundbrenner Pulse

Soundbrenner Pulse is the world’s first wearable metronome, designed to help musicians keep time through haptic feedback that lets you literally feel the music. Its powerful companion app allows you to synchronize your Pulse with other musicians so you’re all playing on the same time, and even includes rhythm exercises to help you perfect your timing. Unlike classic metronomes, the Soundbrenner Pulse makes no noise, so it is completely unobtrusive – you can use it anytime, anywhere, even in a performance.

Soundbrenner Pulse is currently funding on Indiegogo, and has an expected delivery date of November 2015. The device will retail for USD $149 and will be compatible with Android and iOS, though – a rarity in today’s world – it doesn’t require a smartphone to be used. The device is designed to be controlled with or without a phone, via the BPM wheel and BPM tap functionality, driven by the touch sensor inside. This means you can tap out the tempo you want to play to, and the Pulse will adopt that tempo. The device also has four LEDs that can combine into hundreds of shades for colour customization, and one battery charge lasts 4-5 hours.

The Soundbrenner Pulse is designed to be worn on any limb to accommodate the needs and playing styles of different musicians. As a drummer and guitar player myself, I can definitely appreciate this functionality. Soundbrenner Pulse has the potential to change the live music scene and enable the self-taught musician to go farther with music, whether that be alone or with others. What do you think? Would you use it?

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