Trail Riding at Wildwood Manor Ranch

horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_2What better way to spend a springy Sunday afternoon than with animals in the sun? Technology is wonderful, but every now and then it is so wonderful to switch off the devices and enjoy the quiet country air. This weekend was the warmest weekend in Ontario so far, so we took advantage of the sunshine and took a day trip to go trail riding at the beautiful Wildwood Manor Ranch.
horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_3 horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_1 horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_10 horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_9horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_8

I love Wildwood because it’s so well kept and the whole staff is so clearly passionate about what they do. I used to ride more frequently when I took English riding lessons (that’s why I’m wearing English gear despite the western saddle), and I’ve ridden at a number of places that are simply not as nice. Wildwood has 100 acres upon which they rescue, raise, train and board horses. All the animals are well taken care of and loved, and are so gentle with riders of all experience levels. They also provide lessons and camps and are open for trail rides 364 days a year (every day except for Christmas Day)!

horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_5 horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_7 horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_6 horseback_riding_wildwood_manor_ranch_april_2015_4

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breeches: Kerrits (similar here) / top: Joules (similar) / boots: Vivaldi / purse: Coach / sunglasses: Charming Charlie

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