Above the City


I’ve always been fascinated by fire escapes. Every time I pass one, I have an overwhelming urge to climb until I run out of rungs and stand tall over the city, seeing what the birds see. Last time I went to New York, my hotel had a large window that opened onto a fire escape and I finally fulfilled my city-top dreams.

abovethecity DSC_0390 DSC_0399 DSC01518

It’s so incredibly freeing to stand on thin metal, knowing that one wrong slip can send you careening down twenty stories into a New York alley. Luckily the fire escape remained firmly attached to the wall, and my limbs remained firmly attached to my body. I felt so empowered up there, I still dream about it sometimes.



tshirt: Swedish House Mafia concert tee

pants: riding jods from Kerrit

boots: Dr. Martens

my favourite leather jacket: Michael Kors

6 responses to “Above the City”

  1. I can’t do heights. I lived on the 18th floor of an apartment building in downtown Ottawa once. The first time I stepped in the door (not even looking out the windows) I got instantly nauseous. I frequently dream about living in apartments that tip as you walk across the floor.

    Closet Refreshment

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