Laduree keychain and macaroons

A Taste of France with Ladurée

Laduree keychain and macaroons

If I could choose one food to describe France it would be macarons. If you’ve never had one, let me try to give you a taste.

When you pick up the macaron, it feels almost weightless. Its light shells are soft and will crumble if you squeeze them too hard, so you must handle them delicately. As you raise it to your mouth the sweet scent floods your senses. It smells like flowers and sugar and vacation. Slowly you take a bite. Your teeth sink through the weightless shell and into the cool almond paste filling, and the flavour washes over your tongue. This particular macaron is a rose-flavoured one and the taste is very light, not overpowering. The macaron’s texture is fluffy and airy, not dense like a cake, but crumbly. It practically dissolves in your mouth, the flavour coating all your tastebuds.

macaroons in a white bowl macaroons in a white face bowl macaroons in a white bowl Macaroons in a white face bowl Macaroons

Mmm, I can still taste it. Eating macarons always makes me feel like I’m in Europe. These particular macarons are from Marché in the Toronto underground tunnels, but you can find them at specialty bakeries throughout the city. If you ever go to France, be sure to get some macarons. France’s most famous tea salon is Ladurée, dating back to 1862 with its beginnings as a small bakery. Ladurée is known for its macarons and I can’t wait to try some from there some day. My parents brought me back these lovely charms from their visit to the salon in the winter, the best macaron substitute they could bring since I was still away at school.

Laduree keychain and macaroons Laduree keychain and macaroonsLaduree keychain and macaroons

I really miss Europe. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel a lot, and I hope to be able to visit again many times in the future. For now I’ll just enjoy my macarons while gazing at old photographs and beautiful hotels online, planning my dream vacation. Care to join me?


PS, I sincerely recommend you take a look at the Ladurée website, it’s so cute!

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